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Precision Metal Fab 2005-2016 Ford F-250/350 PMF HD Solid Mount Adjustable Trackbar


The 2005-2016 Ford F-250/350 trucks are prone to premature track bar and track bar ball joint failures.  This occurs on stock trucks and even more so in lifted applications.  Many poor steering characteristics and death wobble are often caused by this.

With the PMF HD Solid Mount Trackbar, we replace the lower side ball joint with a heavy duty rebuildable joint.  In most cases this will reduce or eliminate many of these steering related problems and make for much quicker steer response. In addition, this joint is rebuildable which reduces future maintenance costs.

The trackbar itself is the strongest on the market, constructed from 1.75" OD .250 wall DOM tubing and using 1" joints on both the axle and frame side.  All mounting hardware is grade 8.