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Cold Air Intake Kit (Dry Disposable Filter)

Beating a paper filter is easy, but overpowering other performance filters can be tough. Thats why S&B Air Filters go the extra mile to use the best materials. Four layers of premium cotton gauze are used in every S&B Air Filters, with more pleats and deeper pleats than any other maker. Its how S&B Air Filters can trap the most dirt and still breathe the best.


How often do I need to replace an S&B Dry Filter?
The frequency you replace your S&B Dry Disposable Air Filter will depend on the conditions in which you drive. As a rule, we recommend that you replace your filter at a minimum of every 12,000-15,000 miles. The Filter should be inspected during oil changes and regular service intervals. If you live in extreme dusty climates or frequently drive off road, we recommend that you replace your filter on a more frequent basis. You can also help pro-long the life of your filter by adding the optional filter wrap which keeps larger particles from entering the pleats.

Can I clean an S&B Dry Disposable Filter?
Ultimately, the filter is disposable; however, the life of a filter can be significantly extended under most conditions by lightly tapping the filter top on a hard surface and using low-pressure compressed air (100 psi maximum) from the inside out to dislodge any dirt or debris from the filter pleats. Under NO circumstances should this filter be washed, as this will damage the filter media.

Will cleaning a Dry Filter with compressed air damage to the filter?
No. We have tested this process in our ISO 5011 Test Lab and test results show that capacity of the filter was improved without damaging the efficiency. Visit to see test results of a filter cleaned with compressed air.

How does an S&B Dry Filter compare to an S&B Cotton Gauze Filter?
It took years of R&D, but our Dry Filters actually have comparable airflow rates to our cotton gauze filters while still providing excellent filtration. Don't take our word for it, check out the ISO 5011 Test Results comparing the two types of filters.

Should I buy an S&B Dry Filter or Cleanable Cotton Filter?
Since you are not sacrificing performance with either choice, the decision comes down to whether you would rather throw away the filter or clean it.

What does an S&B Dry Filter cost?
All of S&B's Dry Filters for an S&B Intake Kit cost $45 while the same filter in Cotton is only $55.

How does S&B's Dry Filter compare to AFE and AEM's?
It is fairly easy to make a filter that has good flow characteristics; however, the real trick is stopping the dirt while improving the airflow. This is what separates S&B's New Dry Filter from AFE & AEM equivalent. In our opinion, AFE and AEM's "cleanable" claim comes at a price, which is poor filtration. While the life of S&B's Dry Filter can be extended using compressed air, it should be ultimately discarded instead of cleaned.